Flight attendants are a part of an airline crew that addresses of the needs of commercial airplane passengers. They can also work on business jet and military aircraft. To become a flight attendant, you must go through a specially accredited post-secondary institution. In Oklahoma, you can get your credentials at Oklahoma State University.

Education Requirements

Airlines prefer to hire a flight attendant with college education, specifically those who have customer service experience. Education in communications, hospitality and sociology are particularly attractive to airline companies.

Once you are hired as a flight attendant, specific training follows. At Oklahoma State University, training programs run for three to eight weeks, educating students about the fundamentals of first-aid, aviation, customer service, emergency procedures, leadership, food service safety, as well as handling uncooperative passengers.

International Flights

Oklahoma State University flight attendant students who want to work for international airlines must study customs and passport regulations. They are also taught about terrorist threats and hijacking. Emergency equipment and systems operations during emergency landings are also included in the curriculum. Qualified candidates receive a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency, which is necessary for every accredited flight attendant, whether international or national.

Salary and Employment

According to 2010 research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in addition to an average salary of $43,350, flight attendants are given hotel accommodations and meal allowances. The Bureau previously stated in 2009 "in the long run, opportunities for persons seeking flight attendant jobs should improve as the airline industry recovers from the aftereffects of September 11 and the downturn in the economy." Population growth is also expected to propel flight attendant employment opportunities.

OSU Campuses

OSU has five campuses state-wide. Flight attendant training can be pursued in 2010 at the main campus in Stillwater or at the Tulsa campus, which was built in 1999. Approximately 35,000 students were enrolled in the university in 2010.

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