Homecoming is one of the biggest and most important high school events. As with most high school dances, kids ask each other to the dance and go as couples. By asking someone in a creative way, you can have fun with the proposal and make it a memorable experience.

Morning Announcements

Most high schools have some form of morning announcements. Ask the coordinator or principal for permission to ask someone to homecoming during the announcements. This is a bold, creative and public proposal that no one will ever forget.


Make a video asking the person to homecoming, post it on YouTube and then text her the URL. Write a funny or witty skit and end by asking her to the dance. This also allows you to keep your proposal as a cherished memory of high school.


Use colored chalk to write a message on the road or driveway at that person's home. You can write a simple message or come up with a more personal message. Another great idea with chalk is to space out the message over the road to his house. This way, he will see it as he is driving home from school. If you decide to write the note on the driveway, ask his parents for permission first.

Remote Control Car

Use a remote control car to deliver a note to the person you wish to ask to homecoming. You can drive it up to her while she is in class, with her friends or studying in the library. This is a creative way to ask her without having to actually say the words.

Enlist the Police Liaison or Dean

A note from the police liaison or dean usually means you are in trouble. Ask the police liaison or dean to deliver a fake ticket or referral note to the person, asking him to come to the office. You can wait in the office with flowers and ask him as soon as he arrives.

Enlist the Cheerleaders

Ask the cheerleaders to come up with and perform a cheer at a game or pep rally. This is another public way to ask someone to homecoming. If you truly want to make it personal, make up the cheer yourself and perform with the cheerleaders.

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