If you know a veterinarian, you may not know the correct way to address her. Veterinarians are "Doctors of Veterinary Medicine." You will see this professional title, abbreviated "DVM," at the end of their names. For example: Joan A. Temple, DVM. If you are hosting a formal party or a wedding in which you would like to invite a guest who is a veterinarian, include their official title in the written address.

Type the outside of the envelope with a “Dr.” title. On the first line of the address, write the following: “Dr. Mary Smith.”

Write the “Dr.” title in the salutation of a handwritten or typed letter. For example: “Dear Dr. Martin:”

Address a veterinarian as “Dr.” when speaking to her, unless she has told you otherwise. For example: “Hello, Dr. Gonzalez. How are you today?”

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