High school is a time in which technology should be widely used to aid in the education of students. There are many ways in which technology can be used to benefit high school students, and high school students should work on technology projects to learn what they are able to do with technology.


Movies incorporate many different aspects of technology. Students can brainstorm ideas and write a movie script using a word-processing program. Then, students can shoot the movie using a digital video camera, and edit the movie using movie-editing software. Students who successfully create, shoot, edit, and finish a movie with title cards, music and sound-dubbing will learn to use many different types of technology.


Incorporating technology into even the most basic and informative presentations is easy with software like PowerPoint and with technology like a screen and a projector synced to a computer. Students can take any information or school project and create a multimedia presentation around the information that they have gathered. Presentations in this manner can incorporate dozens of different types of technology.

In-Depth Topic Report

Students can choose an in-depth type of technology to research and report on. This can be technology such as music equipment, video-editing software or robotics. Students should research the type of technology they want to learn about, and should then create a multimedia presentation that includes the information they have learned.

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