When you first learned English, you learned some ways to put sentences together. Over time you may have forgotten the grammar rules you learned and developed some poor grammar habits. If English is your first language, you may want some practice and pointers to help you use proper grammar. Improving your grammar will take some time and effort, but with a plan and practice, you can correct some of the grammar gaffes you sometimes make. Your writing and speaking skills will continue to progress as you practice using the grammar rules you learn.

Identify common grammar mistakes that you make. Learn the different mistakes in grammar that speakers of your native language often make if you are learning English. Some common grammar mistakes include using the contraction "it's" (it is) when the sentence called for "its," which shows possession. In addition, people often use "would of" instead of the correct "would have."

Make a plan to focus on one grammar rule or point at a time. You may want to spend a week on each grammar point so that you can conscientiously use it on a regular basis when you speak and when you write.

Use a grammar book to correct your grammar mistakes. You can also search the Internet for "English grammar" to see examples and explanations of the grammar points you want to learn. Take online grammar quizzes to perfect your knowledge and usage of grammar. Search the Internet for "English grammar quiz" to find examples.

Join an online language exchange, such as My Language Exchange, if you are a non-native English speaker You will meet online with a person who speaks English fluently and who wants to learn your native language. Ask your conversation partner to correct your grammar when the two of you talk together and to correct your writing when you email each other. If you are a native English speaker, ask a friend to remind you to use proper grammar when you speak and write.

Think about the grammar point you are learning throughout the week that you are focusing on it. Make an effort to use the grammar rule or point at least twice each day in your speaking and/or in your writing.

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