The number of ways to achieve a GED is abundant. The high school equivalency diploma can further your employment and/or higher education goals.

Whether high school was a difficult place to earn the required credits, or a student intends to earn a degree outside of the traditional degree path, Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School can assist students as they reach for a GED and all the opportunities it can entail.

An online or correspondence high school diploma is typically equivalent to a GED. Many programs such as Cornerstone offer more support than community-based services or if a student is studying for the big exam solo.

What Is a Cornerstone GED?

The Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School offers intensive and individualized support. Cornerstone follows the same curriculum as most school districts. It will prepare students for what they need to successfully complete the GED test.

The benefit of obtaining a Cornerstone GED is that it provides one-on-one concentrated support paired with a personalized plan of study.

Cornerstone Second Chance High School

A more traditional high school path can be undertaken at the Cornerstone Second Chance High School. This is a more student-centered approach that recognizes that each student has a unique learning style. It’s ideal for students who felt lost in the hustle of high school.

The Second Chance Cornerstone program offers individualized attention for students while working in a traditional classroom setting and within a multicourse schedule. The instructors guide each student along the path to achieving a GED and through the application process once he graduates from the program.

After Completing the Cornerstone GED

After completing the Cornerstone GED program, the student pursues the standard GED application process. The school can guide you through the process, or you can apply to take the GED on your own. Be prepared to:

  • Fill out a GED demographics form that can be obtained online from the state Department of Education or through a school guidance counselor.

  • Have a signed parental permission form if you are not yet 19 years old.

  • Turn in all relevant paperwork for your GED along with the application prior to test day.

Who Can Benefit From a Cornerstone GED?

There are a number of reasons that a student pursues a GED rather than earning a high school diploma the traditional way. A GED generally provides the same opportunities as a high school diploma. A few reasons a student may choose the Cornerstone route include:

  • A home-schooled student who is ready to graduate from the high school curriculum and move on to college courses or employment opportunities

  • A student who has trouble earning solid grades or completing coursework in a high school classroom that can be chaotic or not challenging enough for the student

What a Cornerstone GED Can Accomplish

With a GED from Cornerstone, a student can easily transition to one of the many Cornerstone University master's programs that the institution offers online.

There are many online programs beyond an associate or bachelor’s degree to follow once you have your GED. A master’s program online is relevant for many employment and teaching opportunities.

A Cornerstone University online MBA is a good way to earn a higher degree, therefore increasing your income potential among other benefits while continuing to work or care for family.

Cornerstone University Admissions

For the GED, a student should submit the application with an essay about her commitment to faith and information on any IEP or other special needs that were put in place while in a public school system.

For college admission to Cornerstone, the application is free before August 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. Each application should include an essay that states your commitment to your faith.

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