If you want to make a career out of caring for children, it’s important to receive the proper education. The federal government recommends parents look for childcare providers who have bachelor’s degrees, who know what children need to grow and learn, and who provide age appropriate toys and lessons. Receiving a good college education can significantly increase your chances of getting hired, as well as your earning potential.

Proper Education

Child care is a growth industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. According to the Bureau, 20 percent more jobs will be created from 2010 to 2020. While college isn't essential to enter the childcare profession, it effects your earning potential. Many colleges, particularly community colleges, offer a solid foundation in childcare education. The College Board only recognized a handful of four-year schools that offer childcare-related majors, however.

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware in Newark, Del., offers an Early Childhood Education degree for those who want to work with young children in family or institutional settings. The program is endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The courses offer a close student-teacher relationship and varied field experiences. Among the course offerings include Child Development I: Prenatal to Age Three, Supporting Literacy in Early Childhood Education, Technology and Assistive Technology in Early Childhood and Inclusive Curriculum: Preschool-K.

California State University, Northridge

California State University, Northridge, near Los Angeles, Calif., offers a Child and Adolescent Development major. Those who wish to pursue a career in childcare would be interested in multiple offerings here, including a course called Foundations of Child and Adolescent Development, which focuses on major topics in the cognitive, social and physical development of children, and Infancy and Early Childhood, which explores cultural contexts of development, key changes and individual differences in young children. Graduates of the program will leave with research- and evidence-based knowledge, empowering them to critically assess theories of child development.

Utah State University

Utah State University in Logan, Utah, has a Family, Consumer, and Human Development major ideal for those pursuing a career in childcare. The university offers a Bachelor of Science degree with course offerings like Human Development Across the Lifespan and Abuse and Neglect in Family Context to help students detect and address child abuse. They also offer a course entitled Infancy and Early Childhood, which focuses on physical, social and emotional growth of children from conception to age five. In addition to these classes, students will work with internationally recognized faculty on various research projects.

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