Whether you are extending your studies, wanting to finish high school online or earning your first certification or degree, Penn Foster has a bevy of classes and degrees to help a wide variety of students. It is more than an online school. Penn Foster has a wide-reaching support group of current and recent graduates as well as professionals who assist students in obtaining their high school degree. There are many colleges that accept a Penn Foster high school diploma if you do not have a traditional high school degree.

What Is Penn Foster?

Since 1956, the national and regional accredited high school has assisted students in obtaining a degree. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Private Licensed Schools to regulate its online courses. Students sign up for Penn Foster to earn a high school degree in order to advance their chances of better employment or entrance into college. Many national colleges have accepted Penn Foster graduates who have shown they have the discipline, determination and stamina to reach for higher goals. You can find Penn Foster reviews online.

Benefits of Penn Foster

There is more to attending Penn Foster than the ability to obtain a degree on your time and your terms. It offers more support than you may get studying alone online for a GED or other high school equivalency degree. You can transfer any credits you may have already earned from your current or previous high school. This can also cut down significantly on the cost of attending Penn Foster.

A representative of the online school can walk you through the process. The school prides itself on its wide-reaching online community. The students and staff that populate the online study groups, chat rooms and support forums are a diligent and informative assembly of individuals. Penn Foster has financial aid available as well for those who may need the extra assistance to make their dreams of a degree come true.

Colleges That Accept a Penn Foster High School Diploma

All colleges have specific entrance requirements, so make sure you have checked all of these before turning in your application. Many colleges accept the Penn Foster diploma. They also look at what the student has completed outside of school. Extra-curricular activities as well as any charity work that the student has completed can boost the application. The Academy of Art University, Atlanta Metropolitan College, American Intercontinental University, Bucks County Community College, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute and Bay Mills Community College all have accepted students who earned a Penn Foster high school degree.

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