State universities often charge out-of-state students as much as triple the tuition that in-state students pay. Lower tuition costs for in-state students are based on the premise that state residents subsidize their local public universities when they pay taxes. In an effort to create a more geographically diverse student body, however, an increasing number of state universities are offering in-state tuition rates to out-of-state students.

Eastern Oregon University

Located in La Grande, Eastern Oregon University is a fully accredited college that offers a broad variety of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Not only does the university charge the same tuition to their in-state and out-of state students, but as of February 1, 2011, they eliminated a $50 application fee. Undergraduate, graduate, international, post-baccalaureate and non-admitted students can apply to Eastern Oregon University free of charge.

University of Minnesota-Morris

At the University of Minnesota-Morris, international and out-of-state students pay the same tuition and fees as in-state students. A public liberal arts college, Morris offers 35 majors, eight professional programs and 15 secondary education licenses. With the average class size at Morris being 16 students, they offer a personalized learning experience usually only available at more expensive, private colleges.

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud University in Minnesota offers home-resident tuition to students from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Manitoba. To be eligible, students must complete a reciprocity application approved by their home state or province. The second largest university in Minnesota, St. Cloud offers more than 200 undergraduate and degree programs, including an option to study and earn credits abroad.

Pittsburgh State University

Situated in Kansas, Pittsburgh State University offers in-state tuition to students from 14 counties in Missouri, eight in Oklahoma and two in Arkansas. Students in qualifying out-of-state locations must attend Pittsburgh State University within one semester after high school graduation. The university awards a broad selection of bachelor's, associate's, master's degrees and professional certificates in more than 100 majors and academic programs.

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