Financial assistance is available for young adult adoptees looking to obtain a higher education. While some states provide assistance for former foster children or adoptees, private grants and scholarships for young adults exist as well. Four such types of funding, The OCDF Grant, the state tuition waiver program, the NFPA scholarship and the OFA scholarship all provide assistance to adoptees looking to further their education.

OCDF Grants

Our Chinese Daughter Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting families who have adopted children from China, founded a scholarship fund for adopted Chinese daughters of single mothers. The foundation gives money to those with a financial need and whom the foundation determines deserves a scholarship based on merit. To apply for this grant, young females must obtain a 3.0 grade point average or higher, have reached senior status in high school, have been adopted from the country of China and already have applied to and been accepted to a junior college or four-year university. Grants given to worthy candidates in the amount of $500 must be spent on books and supplies in the first year of college.

Tuition Waiver Programs

Many states offer a waiver, or pay a portion of college tuition on behalf of adopted children that were once placed in foster care. Different states have different requirements for receiving this grant, but most require a certain type of education, either community college or university, as the end goal. All states accept community colleges and four-year universities, with a few states allowing vocational programs. Many states hold requirements outlining when an adoption may take place. These requirements may outline the need for adoption before the child reaches a certain age, special requirements for adoptions after a specified age, and procedures for children that have spent an extended period in foster care prior to adoption. States with an adoptee education grant include Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

NFPA Scholarship

The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) provides scholarships to foster youth or adopted youth of foster parents that hold a current foster care license. The scholarships are provided to youth who choose to further their education and wish to attend a university, a vocational program or a job-training program. Requirements for applicants to the NFPA scholarship include senior-year status in high school, acceptance to college or a secondary program, proof of the cost of the school or program. Once given the funds, the student must obtain a certain grade point average and/or satisfactory standing in their vocational program. Students must submit application forms, two letters of recommendation and an essay before a committee decides where funds will be allocated.

Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Program

The Orphan Foundation of America (OFA) provides more scholarships than any other source in America. The OFA Scholarship, given to current and former foster children, has a goal of providing quality education to young adults. To qualify for an OFA scholarship, applicants must meet specific age requirements: over 17 years old and under the age of 25. Additionally, applicants will need to prove foster-care placement of at least one year, adoption after the age of 16, and that they are enrolled or accepted into a higher education program.

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