The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is one of the largest public universities in South Africa, with four campuses and 22 research centers. The University serves students from more than 50 countries and has a four-language policy, with lessons offered in English, Zulu, Afrikaans and Northern Sotho. According to the school website, UJ has been ranked in the top 4 percent of universities in the world. Students can apply to UJ either by filling out an online or paper application during the open enrollment period.

Checking an Application

Students can check the status of their application by visiting the UJ website and clicking the “Check Your Application” link, where they will enter their student number, or ID/Passport number. Applicants can also call the university at 011 559 4555 to check on the status of their application. The UJ website says that acceptance results should be available within six weeks of applying.

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