Students who wish to complete their higher education in Canada as part of a study abroad program can find high-quality education with affordable tuition.

Whether you are looking for cheap colleges in Canada for a master's or the cheapest university in Canada to complete undergrad work, there are more than 200 to choose from.

Concordia University of Edmonton

Located in Edmonton, this Canadian college is well regarded for its quality instructors and rich student life. Perched on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, it is a scenic campus and relatively small in size for a university.

The faculty to student ratio is fairly low at 1 to 14. The college offers bachelor’s and master’s degree. This provides a personalized and supportive experience for undergraduates. It offers programs in the following:

  • Business and Administration Studies
  • English as a Second Language
  • Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences, Law and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Humanities and Languages
  • Health Care, Medical Studies and Technologies
  • Fine Arts and Performing Arts
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Education and Library Studies

The cost to attend Concordia University is around $12,000, depending on the major and any subsequent lab work that needs to be completed. Canadian residents pay around $7,000 for tuition. There are a little more than 2,000 undergraduate students that attend Concordia full-time.

Cheapest University in Canada

This is often listed as the cheapest college in Canada: The Robertson College has 12 locations globally and four campuses in Canada and a fairly affordable tuition for Canadian and international students. The Canadian campuses are in Winnipeg, Calgary, Brandon and Edmonton. There is also an online Robertson College component that offers a wealth of programming that can also be found on the physical campus. This is one of the cheap colleges in Canada for an MBA that is valuable and useful.

The college offers programs in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Continuing Education
  • Technology

The application fee for Robertson College is $225. The International Student Standard Fees are broken down as follows:

  • PACE is $3,350
  • International Student Services Fee is $1,400 and includes a career services fee
  • Health Insurance is $896 for a one-year program and $1,592 for a two-year program

Program tuition fees are around $15,000 for logistics and supply chain management and a little more than $16,000 for the one-year, full-time pharmacy technician program. The massage therapy program is around $11,000 for the one-year program and approximately $1,000 less for the two-year program. Roberson’s Intensive Academic English 12-week, full-time program is just under $4,000 with health insurance around $200.

Dominican University College

This Roman Catholic bilingual college in Ottawa, Ontario, focuses on philosophy and theology. It offers civil and pontifical degrees from bachelor’s to doctoral. It is modeled on the study of the Order of Preachers.

Tuition is just over $30,000 to attend Dominican University College. Books and supplies and fees add about $1,500 to that base price. Room and board to stay on campus or at equivalent off campus housing is around $10,000 annually. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

The general education in philosophy at the college ranges from the study of the Greek philosophers to Immanuel Kant and other modern and post-modern contemporary philosophers. The undergraduate theological program offers an overview of the Christian Mystery. The three major themes in the three-year bachelor’s program are:

  • God and the Human Being
  • Jesus Christ and the Being-In-Christ
  • Church and the Christian Response

ABM College Calgary

This vocational college offers a wide array of majors in many types of study. These include:

  • Pharmacy Assistant – 43 weeks for $13,500
  • Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk – 34 weeks for $10,000
  • Health Care Aide – 22 weeks for $8,000
  • Business Administration – 51 weeks for $13,000

The school is known for its tight-knit and supportive community and experienced instructors.

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