It is possible to get into college without meeting all of the admission criteria in certain universities through the Alternative Admissions Program. In Oklahoma State University, for example, the Alternative Admissions Program reserves 8 percent of its new freshman seats for candidates who do not meet all of the admission criteria. But there's a catch. These candidates must display a potential for success and they must meet a minimum admission criteria.

Alternative Admission Criteria in Oklahoma State University

Students who are admitted to college through the Alternative Admissions Program have to undergo orientation courses where they are familiarized with attitudes and skills necessary for academic success. Their academic progress is also monitored at every step and deficiencies, if any, are remediated. These special students have to complete one semester at least in this manner. If the college authorities are satisfied by their effort, the students are allowed to study their preferred major course or courses.

Alternative Admissions in University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales offers a Preparation Program -- a kind of study program that prepares older students for admission to college under the Alternative Admissions Program. The basic purpose of this university preparation program is to evaluate a candidate's academic potential and offer him the tools and assistance necessary for developing skills that would help him take up tertiary courses and learn effectively. The students who enroll for these preparation programs usually cannot fulfill minimum admission criteria or do not have formal degrees or diplomas.

Alternative Admissions in University of Oregon

GED students, pass outs from non-accredited high schools, home-schooled students and so on are all welcome to apply for a seat in UO. However, there are a few admission criteria that these candidates have to meet in order for their applications to be assessed by the alternative admission authorities. Applicants from non-accredited high schools as well as home schooled applicants have to score a minimum of 1540 in their SAT (combining the scores in writing, mathematics and reading) or 22 in the ACT (including the optional writing component). They also have to take SAT math tests and demonstrate proficiency in second language.

Alternative Admission in Northeastern State University

Apart from the regular entry criteria, a candidate applying through this category must be economically or educationally handicapped and demonstrate proficiency or unusual talent in fields such as music, dance, drama, art and so on. The candidates are also subjected to a round of personal interview.

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