Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee has a reputation for academic excellence, and it consistently ranks in the top 25 national universities. Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and Human Development offers students an exceptional education in fields such as child development, elementary education and cognitive studies. Students who want to attend Peabody College for their undergraduate program must first apply as an undergraduate student to Vanderbilt University, and they must meet rigorous academic standards in order to be one of the 14 percent of students who are admitted. Students who are interested in graduate programs at Peabody College can apply to the college directly and will be evaluated based on their overall academic record, including grades and GRE test scores.

Admission Requirements

Vanderbilt says there are no minimum GPA or test scores for admission to Peabody, but that the most promising applicants for admission are those whose grades are among the highest in their high school class. Admissions officials do not provide a suggested minimum for either the undergraduate or the graduate program, nor do they publish the average grades of the students who are admitted to Peabody College. However, the Princeton Review reports that the average high school GPA of students who are admitted is 3.8. No information is available about the average GPAs of admitted graduate students. Students who have the most distinguished academic records will have the best chances of being admitted to either the undergraduate or the graduate program at Peabody.

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