There are many uses for an associate's degree in social science. It can be a good way to transition from college to a four-year bachelor program at a university, and it can also prepare students with valuable skills for the workplace. Students have several options for further school and employment after completing their associate's degree in the social sciences.

Continue to a Bachelor Degree

An associate's degree in social science can act as a bridge between college and university. Upon completion of an associate's degree at college, a student may apply to a four-year bachelor program in the social sciences at an accredited university. This is beneficial for those looking to move from a community college to university.

Youngstown State University offers a two-year associate degree that is fully transferable to an institution that offers four-year bachelor degrees. Many programs like this one enable the student to complete the bachelor's degree in significantly less time than if she enrolled directly at the university.

Career in Social Services

An associate's degree in social science prepares students for a career in social services. Working as an assistant or aid to a social worker, working with community youth programs or becoming a phone operator for a local helpline are all potential careers in social services. And, in some states and circumstances, obtaining a job as a social worker may be possible with an associate's degree.

Career in Counseling

There are many types of counselors, and not all of them require extensive training. With an associate's degree in social science, a graduate could work as a camp counselor during the summer months or as a counselor for his church. These types of positions do not require a master's or doctoral degree like many other counselor positions in doctors' offices, clinics, schools or other institutions.

Career in Law Enforcement

Although most police departments state that only a high school education is required for a police officer position, many recommend obtaining an associate's degree in social science. If a student completes this degree, she can use it to get a promotion if the student is already part of the police force. In addition to this degree, police officers also require physical fitness, mental alertness and many other skills.

Career in Administration

An associate's degree in social science can prepare students for a career in administration. This field is large, as most businesses and government agencies require extensive amounts of administration. Those with a degree in social science are well suited to become public administrators, business administrators, civil servants, data entry clerks, educational office administrators, personal assistants and more.

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