If you enjoy arguing about politics with friends and family or have an opinion about everything government related, consider getting a bachelor's degree in political science. A political science degree opens up the door to careers in government work or, with further education, a career as a lawyer. Many of these jobs are well-paying and can provide you with the satisfaction of using your critical thinking skills. Here are some of the jobs you could have after completing a political science degree:


Many students obtain a political science degree to prepare themselves for a career as a ​lawyer​. While studying political science, students learn about various government policies and laws, skills that will serve them well in the legal field.

A political science degree alone won't get you a job as a lawyer, though. For that, you'll need to attend and graduate law school to get your Juris Doctor, or J.D., also known as a law degree. You will also need to pass the bar exam in your state if you wish to practice law there.

Law Related

If you don't want to work through a few years of law school after getting your bachelor's degree, but you would like to work in the legal profession, you have several other choices. Consider being a ​paralegal or legal assistant​.

  • Paralegals​ aid lawyers by helping them prepare cases, and they also offer assistance during trials.
  • Legal secretaries​ handle not only traditional office work, such as answering phones and filing papers, but also law-related work, including conducting research and drawing up legal documents. Legal secretaries work in law offices, as well as for the government.

Politician and Criminal Justice

As the name of the political science degree implies, you'll know a lot about politics and the government when you complete your studies.

  • With such a degree, you can run for a local or federal government position.
  • Also consider a career as an ​immigration or customs officer​.
  • You may also enjoy a job as a ​lobbyist or government analyst​.

Such careers let you directly apply the knowledge you obtained during your course of study to your work.


With a political science degree and a teaching certification, you may be qualified to be a ​teacher​ in your county or state.

  • If you have a ​bachelor's degree​, you will likely be able to teach social studies at the elementary school level, although some states might require you to hold a degree in education as well.
  • With a ​master's degree​ in political science, you are qualified to teach at higher grade levels.
  • A ​Ph.D.​ lets you work in universities, either as a ​professor or a researcher​.

Other Careers

  • Individuals with a political science degree often find careers in ​journalism​, and are likely to enjoy covering political news and events.
  • Some degree holders obtain careers as ​public relations specialists or editors.
  • If you enjoy working with the public, jobs are available in ​sales, retail and as a customer service representative.
  • You may also be able to work as a ​real estate agent​, though this may require additional certification.
  • Many political science degree holders also work as ​upper-level management and executives​.

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