You need your grade point average to determine your eligibility for college, if you are in high school. College students need to know their GPA to see if they are eligible for graduate school or for certain occupations. Calculating your GPA from a transcript is a simple matter once you understand the steps required.

Get a copy of your transcript. You can obtain a copy from the school office. You might also be able to get a copy online.

Check your grades and write down the number of points you obtained for each class. An "A" is generally worth four points per credit hour, while a "B" is worth three points. Refer to your school's procedure to see if it is possible to obtain more than four points per hour. Some schools provide extra points for an A+.

Some schools use a point system that starts with A as 5 points. Some schools also use a point system that includes + or - for the final course grade. If your school uses a system that includes + or -, the transcript will tell you how many points to award for A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C-, D+, D-. If you have a course you did not complete, you will receive a designation such as I for Incomplete.

Some classes are Pass/Fail. Consult your school's policy on Incomplete and Pass/Fail grades to determine if grades in these classes have point value.

Add the total number of credit hours you have taken. This information will be available on your transcript.

Divide the total number of points by the number of credit hours on your transcript, to obtain your GPA, or grade point average.

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