Many real estate agents take comfort in the security of working for a company. This security guarantees a salary on top of any commissions they make. Some, though, would rather be their own bosses and not share any of the commissions they make with real estate companies that employ them. These people opt to become independent real estate agents.

How to Make It Happen

Take courses in real estate at a local college. A lot of schools offer night classes to help those that have day jobs in a different field learn everything they need to know about the real estate world. This allows someone who wants to become an independent real estate agent to work while training for this new career.

Take the real estate course designed for your state. This test will include questions on your English proficiency, your ability with mathematics, and moral and ethical questions about what is and is not acceptable in the real estate community. These might vary from state to state, but the basic premise of them is the same. Typically, there is a fee for these tests.

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Find a place to do business. In the beginning, you might be able to run the business out of your house; however, people respect an honest office front, so getting your own office space is an important investment. You can typically find space at smaller strip malls for a decent price.

Begin advertising your business. Because you are an independent real estate agent, you don't have the big nationwide names to demonstrate how legit you are. You'll need to go door-to-door in your neighborhood to show prospective sellers that you are the real thing and are starting your own business.

Begin with word-of-mouth advertising. This will be your most beneficial means of putting yourself out there at the start when nobody knows you. Sell a few houses for people at a low commission to gain some confidence, and they are likely to talk about you. A friend telling two friends is the most powerful type of advertising. This is how viral marketing ventures (making things spread like a virus) become so effective.

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