Everyone wants to get an "A" in the subjects they are studying, but for those taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course, getting an "A" is even more important. Not only does it look good on your report card and transcripts, but it will help you do well on the AP exam. Doing well on the exam and scoring a high number equivalent to an "A" could be the difference between you taking that World History course in college or getting the credit for it, thanks to your high AP exam score.

Do all the homework. Whenever you are given an assignment, do it to the best of your ability. Making sure that you complete all of the homework assignments well improves your grade in the course and prepares you for the exam.

Join a study group. Many AP classes have study groups that are offered by the teacher or led by students before, after or during school. Joining one of these groups allows you to ask questions, helps you learn more on the subject and gives you extra time to study for exams. All this improves your grades, and ultimately, your score on the AP exam.

Use online resources. Take practice exams online to prepare for the actual ones in the classroom. Visit AP World History websites and read about the essay-writing ideas or learn about the topics that may be on the final exam. Review the material you need to know and spend time reading about tips for successfully completing the course.

Set aside study time. Getting an "A" does not happen overnight. Allot a certain amount of time each night or each week to study and review your material for the class. Be disciplined during this time and review all of your information, take practice exams and memorize key terms and people. This will help with both the in-class exams throughout the semester and with the final AP exam.

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