Wearing cords around your neck with your graduation gown serves as way to set you apart for earning high grades or belonging to a certain organization. It’s important to make sure the correct cords are tied together and that you drape them around your neck carefully so others will be able to see and discern your different levels of accomplishment. Fortunately, tying graduation cords together is simple, easy and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Pair together your graduation cords that go together for individual accomplishments or identifications. If you have one cord that stands by itself to represent something, you should not tie it to another cord. Do not tie together cords that have separate meanings.

Lie the cords flat on a table or on the ground so they are parallel to one another and the ends match up. Stand to face the cords so you can place your left hand on one end and your right hand on the other end.

Grasp the two ends of the cords on your right in your right hand and the two ends on your left in your left hand. Bring the four ends together in front of you, but keep the ends securely in your separate hands.

Place the strands in your right hand so that they cross behind the strands in your left hand. Switch both sets of strands from their original hands into the opposite hands.

Cross the strands that are now in your right hand over, behind, and then under the strands that are now in your right hand. This step should mimic the first step most people take in tying their shoes.

Pull the ends of the cords away from each other until a knot forms in the middle of the two strands, holding them together. When you drape the cords over your shoulders for graduation, place the knot at the back of your neck.

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