The University of California at Los Angeles is a highly competitive school with a long list of interested students. Standardized test scores are one of the things the admissions council takes into consideration when selecting students for admission. According to the UCLA website, the college requires applicants to submit their scores from either the ACT Assessment plus the ACT Writing Test or the SAT Reasoning Test.

A "Good" Score

According to UCLA's "Profile of Admitted Freshman" for the fall of 2012, the average SAT composite score of all admitted applicants was 2,024, and the average ACT composite score was 30. This does not necessarily mean that these are the scores you need in order to apply. In fact, the average scores of all applicants that year were 1,804 and 27, respectively. Test scores are only one aspect of the admissions process, and the school will look at a variety of factors, placing a heavier weight on the number of challenging courses you took in high school, for example.

College Facts and Stats about University of California-Los Angeles

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