The Marine Corp logo is used in many applications for the corp. The Marine Corp seal evolved from the logo. The dominate elements are an eagle, a globe and an anchor, each having significant meanings. These three elements are referred to as EGA.


The Marine Corp logo probably evolved from the British Royal Marines emblem. While the Marines logo has evolved through a variety of designs, they all varied and evolved into the design chosen in 1868.


The Marine Corp insignia is made up of three unique elements. The eagle, globe and anchor took form in 1868. All three elements are rich in tradition. The Eagle with spread wings at the top of the logo represents the United States. The Globe represents service worldwide. And, the anchor represents maritime traditions.


The three major elements of the Marine Corp insignia are the eagle, the globe and the anchor. While the Bald Eagle is the American variety, the eagle chosen is a crested eagle, which is found all over the world. The globe, probably taken from the globe and laurel of the British Royal Marines, signifies service worldwide. The anchor dates back to the founding of the Marine Corp in 1775. The anchor chosen is a foul anchor, which means it shows at least one if not more turns of a chain around it.


The Marine Corps insignia is worn as part of the dress uniform. The emblem on the buttons of the uniform remains virtually unchanged since 1868. Other areas of emblem viewing would be as a pin, on the belt buckle and the hat.


The seal of the Marines stems from the Marine insignia. The seal begins with the eagle, globe and anchor and adds the Marine’s motto “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful) to the design, above the spread eagle’s head. The scarlet red and gold used in the emblem are the official colors of the Marine Corp.

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