Filling out applications and writing essays for college entrance is a lot of work, and some colleges also require an academic resume as well before considering you as a potential student. The benefit to writing a resume for college entrance is that it follows a similar format to one you will write to find a job, and will give you the opportunity to show off your strengths and accomplishments.

Make a list of pertinent information about your school life so far that you wish to include in your resume. The information should include your GPA, scores on your state's standardized tests, awards and accolades, clubs and extracurricular activities you were a member of and whether you had a leadership role, and any other achievements or internships. You may not use all of this in your resume necessarily, but it's a good idea to have it as a reference.

Start a new document, choosing a resume template if your word processor offers one. Type your name, address, phone number and email address as a header. Choose a larger font for your name so the admissions workers can see it at a glance.

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Write a "Qualifications" subtitle and follow it with a bullet point list of select qualifications from the list you created in Step 1. Avoid going into great detail, but rather sum up each qualifications in one sentence. If relevant, include skills you have outside of school, such as exceptional computer capabilities or positions at an after-school job.

Write a "Work History" subtitle and create a list of any jobs you have held. Write the name of the company or employee first, underlined or in all caps, followed by the city and state. To the right, include the time in years you held that job (for example, 2002-2005), and beneath, write your job title, such as "clerk" or "barista."

Write an "Education" subtitle and create a list of any degrees you hold. Follow the same format as in Step 4, with the name of the school or university underlined or in all caps, followed by the city and state, with the years to the right and your degree or diploma beneath.

Write an "Awards and Accolades" subtitle and create a bullet point list of any special achievements, such as National Honor Society, Dean's List or scholarships you have been awarded.

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