School trips can provide a whole new learning experience for children, but because of a lack of funds in the school system, money is not always available. Fundraising is therefore an integral part of school activities. Check first with your child's school about their policy on fundraising. Writing a fundraising letter is one way to encourage parents to participate in their child's learning experience. Your letter should be friendly, straightforward and informative but not demanding or forceful.

Create a list of prospective donors, starting with family and friends to whom you might like to send the letter. Personalize your letter by using "I" and "you." Use simple, clear language without abbreviations or acronyms. Spell out the names of organizations or schools involved with the trip.

Explain the purpose of the fundraising. Let the prospective donor know that your daughter has an opportunity to take a trip with or without her classmates. Mention the date of the trip and give some background information on some of the places your daughter will be visiting. Mention that you believe learning does not take place only in the schoolroom. Emphasize the importance and impact that activities such as this trip have on your child and other children.

Give a brief explanation about how the trip ties in with an assignment your daughter has at school and how the experience would make the assignment more personal and meaningful.

Acknowledge that past trips have been successful thanks to donors. Appeal to the prospective donor's sense of adventure and generosity, and thank him in advance for his help. Let him know that without his help, children like your daughter would not be able to participate in such activities. Give him an idea of the cost of the trip.

Tell prospective donors the deadline by which donations must be received and that checks are gladly accepted. Hand-deliver or email your letter to each person. Include a return-addressed, stamped envelope if you are sending the letter by mail. Sign your letter.

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