Some people are natural speakers, requiring little planning and effort before delivering a speech to welcome people to an event. Others need a little help determining what needs to be said. Writing out your welcome speech beforehand will ensure you cover all the bases, honoring any special guests and making everyone in the room feel welcome. It is also important to outline the reason for the gathering, so you may need to do some research on the organization you're speaking for before writing your welcome speech.

Determine how long the speech should be. Knowing how long you have to speak will help you fill every minute of your speech with valuable and interesting information that will keep the audience's attention.

Create a note card for each part of your speech so you can keep organized while at the podium.

Start by welcoming everyone in the audience for attending the event, and thanking them for coming.

Research the event, noting any significant dates and achivievements that should be mentioned. For example, if you are speaking at a charity event, you should mention the number of years the event has been going on and how it has evolved over time, as well as any achievements. Explain what important work the event is supporting.

Mention any key individuals who are being honored at the event, making sure to note their achievements and significance to the organization.

Review details of the event, so the audience knows what to expect as the event unfolds.

Introduce the first speaker, if there is another speaker taking the podium after your welcome speech.

Conclude your speech by reiterating thanks again to everyone for attending.

Practice your speech before the event, fine tuning it during practice to ensure you don't go over your time limit.

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