The Pharmacology Technician Certification Board maintains the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam -- or PTCE -- the certification examination required of prospective pharmacy technicians. Many exam review workbooks exist. The decision of which one is best for you comes down to whether you want a guide that focuses on specific knowledge such as math, one with the most practice tests, one that focuses only on test material or one that provides tons of supplementary information about the career path.

Mosby's Review For The Pharmacy Technician Certification

Moby's Review is the most popular PTCB exam workbook, according to Best Test Review, and not simply because it contains 17 practice exams with more than 1,700 practice questions. This book includes all material covered on the PTCB and ExCPT exams and reflects the balance of material coverage that you'll encounter on the exams themselves. It includes test-taking advice and a CD that includes 10 of the 17 practice tests and digital flashcards that focus on the most commonly prescribed drugs and herbs, similar-sounding drug names and abbreviations.

Delmar Learning's Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review

Delmar Learning's book contains more that just a comprehensive review of the test material. It also contains two full practice exams at the end of the book, and review questions at the end of every chapter so you can evaluate your comprehension at each step of the review process. Drug interactions, effects of drugs on body systems and pharmacology are covered as well. Furthermore, this review includes 14 chapters dedicated exclusively to pharmacy math.

Pharmacy Technician Exam

The value of this book is in the details. It only includes two full-length practice exams, but offers detailed explanations for the answers and illustrations to help explain concepts. Furthermore, in addition to covering all the material on the exam, it also includes a thorough review of pharmacy math and science, medication dosages, state and federal laws and regulations. It even provides a review of the career path, including lists of top schools, recommended courses and glossaries of pharmaceutical terms. This workbook is useful long after you've passed the exam .

Concise Review For The PTCB Exam

This workbook focuses on material specific to the test as opposed to spanning the entire breadth of pharmacy and pharmacology: hospital, math, drug and law information are all covered. The book includes more than 750 practice questions, the answers of which are accompanied by detailed explanations. Calculations for the required math are presented clearly for swift comprehension. Also included are test-taking strategies and lists of the 200 most prescribed drugs, along with their brands, class designations and generic counterparts.

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