The master's hood is a reward for the hard work and dedication you have devoted to your field of study at your university. The velvet colors of your hood, which symbolize the degree you have earned, must be displayed properly in the front and the rear of the hood. You do not traditionally wear the hood until your degree has been handed to you and the academic authority has "hooded" you in the commencement ceremony. Nonetheless, some universities might instruct you to wear the hood throughout the ceremony because of time and size constraints.

Dress in your clothing and graduation gown before wearing the hood.

Put the hood over the head, velvet-side up, with the small tapered V-shaped end in front of the neck and the long U-shaped rear draping over the back.

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Smooth the front of the hood into place so it rests comfortably below the chin and over the shoulders.

Secure the front loop to your clothing or gown zipper to keep the hood in place. Use a safety pin if the loop is not included.

Enlist the help of a friend for the rear of the hood.

Use the fingers to turn out the lining of the back of the hood, starting just below the shoulders and turning the fabric inside-out to expose the colors underneath.

Smooth the base of the rear hood so it lays flat against the back of your robe.

Secure the rear cord at the upper back to the two buttons in the hood lining to keep the rear of the hood in place.


  • Check your university's graduation website for instructions specific to your school.

Things Needed

  • Master's hood
  • Safety pin
  • 1 helper

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