Your 2-year-old child, niece or nephew might not have a deep understanding of the traditions of Valentine's Day, but she won't likely shy away from receiving a gift on February 14. Unless you want a hyperactive child on your hands, stay away from candy treats. Instead, opt for a cuddly stuffed animal, selection of healthy treats, simple crafts or love-related attire.

Something to Cuddle

You won't find a shortage of cuddly stuffed animals in stores around Valentine's Day, and this gift is equally suitable to 2-year-old girls and boys. A heart-themed teddy bear or jungle cat clad in a red and white Valentine's Day shirt adorned with hearts is a gift that will get plenty of mileage. If you're adept at crafts, find a pattern for a knitted bear or even a stuffed fuzzy heart; the child will enjoy playing with the stuffed animal while you and your spouse sneak sweets to each other.

Healthy Treats

Many 2-year-old children will notice the abundance of chocolate and candy around Valentine's Day. If you don't want the youth snacking on these unhealthy options, put together a healthy gift basket. Seek red and white options to comply with the Valentine's Day theme, such as a red delicious apple, strawberries and raspberries alongside yogurt, yogurt-covered raisins or even white rice cakes. Once the child samples the tasty fare you've prepared, he'll forget all about the cinnamon hearts.

Activities and Crafts

Visit a gift shop and buy a handful of red, white and pink balloons to present to the child on Valentine's Day. Although you must be vigilant about watching the child to ensure she plays safely with the balloons, many children are enthusiastic this simple gift. Some short lengths of pink or red ribbons or streamers can turn your living room into a spectacle of color. For the crafty parent, use ribbons, dyed pop-poms and colorful construction paper to make a Valentine's Day craft with the child.

Valentine's Clothing

Wrap an article of Valentine's Day clothing in festive paper to give your child, niece or nephew a gift to open on February 14. It's easy to find children's attire, featuring love-related slogans such as "Daddy Loves Me" or "Mommy's Little Valentine" in clothing and big-box stores in early February. Valentine's Day-colored pajamas, a sweatshirt or a long-sleeved T-shirt are all festive options, as are red mittens or a red toque.

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