Standards of Learning tests are given by schools in Virginia to measure how well students are doing in a variety of subjects. SOL scores are more important at the school level, since they help determine funding, than they are on the individual level. Use your student’s individual score to measure how well he’s doing compared to the rest of his school and the rest of the students in Virginia. Scores will vary depending on the subject, so don’t compare a history SOL score to a math SOL score.

Look at the paper sent home several weeks after the test. It will have your child's scores on it.

Contact the counselor at the school your child attends. A copy of your child's SOL results are on file there.

Log on to Great School's SOL Results page. Choose your city in the drop down results. Choose the school your child attends in the next drop down menu. Click "Go" to see results in all disciplines as well as average results for certain years.

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