An ultrasound imaging professional in Ireland is called an ultrasonographer, or sonographer for short. Medical professionals use ultrasound to assess fetuses in the womb, diagnose disease and treat certain medical conditions.

Many sonography education pathways are available in Ireland. Students normally earn a three-year degree in radiography and postgraduate certification in medical ultrasound or its equivalent, as recommended by the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education.

CASE researches the best academic programs for sonographers in the United Kingdom, including diagnostic and therapeutic. It consists of six organizations, including the Society of Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland. CASE accredits and monitors U.K. ultrasound education programs.

CASE 207 Providence Square Mill Street London, England SE1 2EW

Society and College of Radiographers

The Society and College of Radiographers is one of the oldest radiography organizations in the world. It represents most of the imaging specialists in the United Kingdom, including Ireland and Northern Ireland. The society offers postgraduate courses in medical ultrasound.

Society and College of Radiographers 207 Providence Square Mill Street London, England SE1 2EW

University College Dublin

In the University College Dublin health sciences program, an undergraduate degree in radiography is available, including classes covering fundamentals, technology, technique, research and examination. The degree depends on submission of a thesis and completion of a professional internship. Ultrasound imaging is part of the curriculum and encouraged as a career focus after graduation.

University College Dublin Belfield Dublin 4 Ireland

University of Ulster

In Northern Ireland, the University of Ulster offers degrees in diagnostic and therapeutic radiography. Academic studies include anatomy, physiology, radiation protection and ultrasound imaging. All students are required to participate in clinical hospital experience.

University of Ulster Shore Road Newtownabbey Co. Antrim BT37 0QB Northern Ireland

National Health Service of England Resources

The National Health Service of England has a library of course listings throughout the United Kingdom. The library highlights accelerated learning opportunities where a degree in diagnostic radiology is available in a two-year, full-time program.

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