As Associate of Applied Science degree is designed to prepare graduates for employment opportunities upon graduation. The degree offers students the chance to specialize in a particular vocational area, such as automation, education, health science or hospitality. Students who wish to pursue advancement in their career also have the option of continuing their education at the bachelor's degree level after gaining experience in the field.

Early Childhood Education

An Associate of Applied Science in early childhood education prepares students for jobs working with children from birth until age of 8. Students in the program take courses in child health and nutrition; child-care administrative programs; infant and toddler programs; children's behavior; and language arts for children. Opportunities may be available for students to observe and learn in an educational setting. Graduates of the program are prepared for careers with day care centers, preschools, private schools and religious-based programs.

Automotive Technology

Students enrolled in an Associate of Applied Science in automotive technology degree program learn how to diagnose and repair parts in vehicles. Courses in the program cover brake systems; steering and suspension; vehicle safety inspection; engine electrical systems; and engine performance. Graduates are prepared to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification examination and are qualified for entry-level positions within the field of automotive service and repair. Jobs are available with dealerships, repair shops and parts manufacturers.

Hospitality Management and Tourism

An Associate of Applied Science in hospitality management and tourism teaches students the basic customer service skills necessary to work in the travel industry. The curriculum includes courses in travel and tourism; leisure and recreation management; customer service; restaurant and food service management; and travel transportation. Graduates with an Associate of Applied Science in hospitality management and tourism have an opportunity to work in travel agencies, hotels, convention management and airline reservation departments.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

An Associate of Applied Science in diagnostic medical sonography prepares students to work in medical settings and take the digital images that help doctors diagnose and treat ailments. Students take courses in medical terminology, ultrasound concepts, vascular sonography, abdominal sonography, obstetrics, gynecology sonography and patient care. Internships offer students a chance to work in medical settings and learn under the supervision of a radiologic technician. Jobs are available in hospitals, clinics and imaging centers.

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