A two-year degree can be achieved in almost every engineering discipline, from cars to computers. CNN reports in an article by Anthony Balderrama that three of the top-paying jobs for those holding associate's degrees are in the engineering field. This makes the two-year engineering degree a quality option for students seeking a way to enter the field.

Technical Schools

One way to get a two-year college degree in engineering is to attend an accredited technical school such as DeVry or the Automotive Technical Institute (ATI). Even though most of the engineering degrees offered at technical schools are limited and specialized, the engineering degree program can jump-start a career in that specific engineering discipline. ATI, for example, has an associate's degree program in automotive engineering available to those students seeking a career as an automotive technician.

Community Colleges

Local community colleges not only grant an associate's degree in different types of engineering, but also allow the credits to be transferred to a four-year college or university in the future. This gives the two-year engineering student an option to continue his education once a career has been established. Every type of engineering, from mechanical, civil, industrial to electrical and information technology, can be achieved at a community college.

Online-Focused Colleges

Some online-focused colleges offer two-year engineering degrees. Both University of Phoenix and Rasmussen College have accredited engineering programs that can be completed entirely online. Log onto the school's website and listen to lectures at a time convenient to you. Courses emphasize practical, career-based, real-world applications; assignments are completed and sent, via Internet, back to the professor for grading. A variety of degrees are granted, including many in computer-based fields, such as University of Phoenix's Associate of Arts with a concentration in Information Technology/Programming..

Colleges and Universities

A few four-year colleges and universities offer two-year engineering degrees. Westwood College and University of Phoenix are two such schools. Some programs might require students to take some courses, such as laboratory courses, in-person (University of Phoenix has more than 200 campuses nationwide in addition to its online programs).

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