Graduates of top chiropractic schools enter professional practice with the best training. Top schools have rigorous entry requirements, active research programs, expanded learning opportunities, and most are well-ranked compared to all higher education institutions, worldwide, by the Ranking Web of Universities or Webometrics. Top chiropractic schools offer expanded learning opportunities, often with the ability to engage in research.

Palmer College

Palmer College of Chiropractic of Davenport, Iowa, with additional campuses in Florida and California, ranked in the top 17 percent according to Webometrics. Entrance requirements strictly follow accreditation requirements. Palmer has a chiropractic research center on all three campuses, with an annual budget of more than $7 million. Faculty and staff have published more than 350 articles and other publications. In addition, students can pursue research through a master's in clinical research or the research honors program for the doctor of chiropractic program. Palmer offers a number of clinical programs, such as a Department of Defense or Veterans Administration internship program, a sports program to evaluate and treat sports-related injuries, or a clinic abroad program in which students can travel with faculty to domestic or international locations with little access to health care.

Northwestern Health Sciences University

Northwestern Health Sciences University of Bloomington, Minnesota, is in the top 24 percent of rankings according to Webometrics, and offers chiropractic training with immediate and expanded clinical experiences that begin the first trimester. Northwestern sets rigorous admission requirements, plus students must meet rigorous academic and technical standards to graduate. Northwestern emphasizes research, with articles published in peer-reviewed journals and ongoing federal funding of trials on musculoskeletal conditions. Northwestern provides an integrative approach to chiropractic training, expanding the training beyond the chiropractic field to other providers in multiple disciplines. Students have a wide range of clinical experiences, from the university's natural care centers to the Minnesota Oncology centers.

National University of Health Sciences

National University of Health Sciences of Lombard, Illinois, offers the doctor of chiropractic degree at the Lombard and Florida campuses, ranking in the top 25 percent according to Webometrics. National uses an integrated approach, bringing together professionals from a range of medical specialties. National requires a bachelor's degree for admission, with strict prerequisite requirements, but the school also offers a prerequisite program for students who need additional work prior to beginning their doctoral program.

National offers clinic experiences at clinics affiliated with the school, clinical clerkships at private-practice clinics, hospital rotations, such as at Veterans Administration hospitals, and outreach events like caring for special needs athletes at local events. National has a strong focus on research, encouraging student-directed research, such as dual degrees in public health or research while completing the chiropractic training.

Southern California University of Health Sciences

The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier ranked in the top 36 percent according to Webometrics. The college rigorously follows the accreditation standards for admission, with an alternative admissions track for those who lack the prerequisite undergraduate coursework.

The college uses community-based internships, where students spend time in doctor's offices, private-practice rotations and clinical rotations, including at student health centers at California State University campuses, the Veterans Administration hospital and free clinics. The college is unique for its full-time post-graduate residency programs in diagnostic imaging, sports medicine and primary spinal care.

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