According to the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration, students who are interested in pursing hospitality degrees should attend institutions that provide quality educational instruction and meet the ACPHA’s stated accreditation standards. Students who attend an ACPHA school will gain the knowledge needed to understand the business aspects of the hospitality profession and can acquire the necessary soft skills of hospitality administration to ensure that clients are satisfied with their service.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

SIUC’s career-focused bachelor’s degree program in hospitality and tourism administration offers specializations in food service, lodging, tourism and event planning management. As a part of the curriculum, students take courses on topics such as food sanitation, human resources and convention management techniques. Students also have an opportunity to study industry trends in tourism and gain hands-on experience by participating in hospitality-focused internships. For students who would like to further their hospitality training, the school offers a master’s degree in food and nutrition with a concentration in hospitality and tourism.

California State University, Long Beach

The bachelor’s degree in hospitality management at CSULB is designed to prepare students to excel as managers and leaders in the restaurant, food service, hotel and lodging industries. Course topics include food service legal issues, accounting, and customer service, giving students an opportunity to hone in on an area of interest. Internship opportunities complement the classroom learning, and guest speaker lectures on the hospitality industry provide students with real-life examples of the challenges they might face in their career.

University of North Texas

At UNT, the bachelor’s degree program in hospitality management prepares students for handling the everyday functions of a successful hospitality business. In addition to taking courses covering topics like information technology and human resources, students receive hands-on training by operating a student-run restaurant. The school’s emphasis on internship participation pays off, as their graduates have entered into specialized areas such as special event planning and country club and resort management.

Purdue University

Undergraduates at Purdue can pursue a major in hospitality and tourism management that focuses on areas such as oral and written communication, culture and diversity and aesthetics. Coursework includes statistics, business operations and sales to provide students a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of hospitality. Mandatory laboratory training includes assisting the operations of two dining facilities, a catering service and a coffee shop, all of which are on-campus. As the facilities are open to the public, students are able to gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to have a successful hospitality business that keeps customers happy. The school also offers a master’s program for students who would like to continue their studies.

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