An ethical issues paper is one that you might write for classes like ethics, social work classes or even English or journalism classes. In fact, any class might have you delve into ethical issues, because ethical issues are prominent in any subject you might study. Titling your ethical issues paper is something you'll want to think carefully about so you know you have it right.

Begin your title with the main ethical question. If you are writing about downloading music illegally, you can start with "Illegal Music Downloads" so you have the ethical issue in the title already.

Add information to the title that shows it is an ethical issue. If you already have "Illegal Music Downloads" you might add "Is Their Effect on the Music Industry Good or Bad?"

Add something to make your title unique and your own. For the title "Illegal Music Downloads -- Are They Good or Bad for the Music Industry," you might want to add something catchy at the beginning, such as "Getting It for Free:" or at the end, such as "A Look into the Ethical Issues." If you add verbiage to the beginning or end of your title, you can take a generic title and turn it into one that reflects your style and work.

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