The Australian state of Queensland (QLD) has strict driving regulations, as well as one of the most demanding learning procedures for new drivers. The key in obtaining the so-called open license lies in passing the practical driving test. Despite its reputation as a difficult examination, it does not require special driving abilities but rather composure, a clear mind and attention to simple factors that can compromise your success.

Ask Questions Before the Test

Before the test starts, your examiner will make a statement about the nature of the test. Listen to the instructions carefully, and ask for any clarifications on the spot; do not wait until you are inside the car. Examiners are not allowed to answer to any questions that can influence your performance. In addition, asking lots of questions can indicate unawareness of the tasks.

Show Your Actions Clearly

You may follow all the necessary procedures during the test, but the examiner will base your score on what she sees. For example, when you are about to undertake the reverse parking task, you must see through the side mirrors. You can just roll your eyes to see through the mirror, but moving your head slightly as well will enable the instructor to see your action clearly. Such considerations can give the impression of a careful driver who cares about safety procedures.

Use Common Sense

Everything your examiner asks must abide by the road rules. He will never ask you to do anything illegal or unsafe. When your examiner does not give you directions, follow the road signs and markings. In case you feel your examiner has asked you something seemingly impossible, give it a second thought. For example, if the examiner asks you to turn right but you are not allowed to, keep going straight and perform the right turn at your first available opportunity.

Ask for Feedback

After the test, your examiner will escort you to the testing center, where she will discuss your performance and results with you. If you have failed the test, ask for specific feedback on your mistakes; your examiner's answers can help you avoid the same mistakes in the future and avoid shortcomings in your next test.

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