When topping off your pinstripes with a neck tie, the way that you tie it is just as important as the tie you choose. Upgrading from the basic knot you learned as a teen will go a long way in taking your outfit from casual to sophisticated. The cape knot features three folds at the collar, and, as the name suggests, it falls into a full cape-like shape. Transform your tie into a worthy accessory, with a cape knot.

Pull on a wrinkle-free collared shirt, and flip the collar straight up towards your face on all sides. Drape the tie around the back of your neck and bring the wide portion forward to run over your right shoulder and down the front of your chest. Bring the thin piece to run over your left shoulder. Position the thin side so that it falls 1 inch longer than the other side.

Grasp the sides of the wide portion 3 inches down from your collar. Push them towards each other to create a crease, and hold the indent together with your right hand.

Fold the thin piece from the left side over the creased portion. Hold the two together with your left hand. Use your right hand to fold the thin piece up, and underneath both pieces, passing it through the space above. Fold it over and back to the left side.

Wrap the left piece underneath the right piece, and lift it to fold it horizontally over the creased portion. Lift it up, under the knot and fold it back over to the left side again.

Wrap the left piece directly under the right piece, on an angle so that it lands 2 inches down from the knot. Fold it up and over the center knot of the tie. Stick the end of the tie between the loop created by the left and right sides of the tie, and pull it through.

Pull the left and right pieces down tightly. Grasp both sides of the knot with your dominant hand, and pull down on the long portion of the tie to raise it to the height of your choosing. Flip your collar down over the neck of the tie.

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