Some of the best universities in England offer astounding opportunities for a global education. All you need to do is a little research and writing to get your application in and take advantage of funds to further your college career. Here are the top six universities in the United Kingdom for accounting and finance to give an overview of what grades highly in the U.K.

U.K. University Ranking

If attending school in the United Kingdom, you’re in good company. The United Kingdom has 76 top universities in the world, according to the QS World University Ranking. The QS ranking is considered to be one of the most widely read in the world and is approved by the International Ranking Expert Group, so it’s quite the distinction to be listed in the QS. Four of England’s top universities rated in the global top 10, with 18 appearing in the global top 100 for the year 2019.

Top Accounting and Finance Universities

The top UK universities for accounting and finance include Strathclyde, the University of Glasgow and the University of Bath, followed by the London School Economics and Political Science, Loughborough University and the University of Leeds. Strathclyde rated highest in student satisfaction at 4.28, while the London School of Economics was least at 3.61. Loughborough and the London School of Economics both rated high in the area of graduate prospects at 95 and 90 percent respectively.

Fun Facts about the Top Six Universities

The best universities in England have racked up awards and strive to be the best in their focus in the world. Strathclyde has won numerous awards in finance and offers a wide variety of business subjects. The University of Glasgow is one of two universities in the United Kingdom that have an extended pilot program to create a more streamlined process for applying and attending the international school. The University of Bath takes pride in its social introduction of entering students, offering group tours of the surrounding city and events for the freshmen to mingle outside of their prospective majors. The London School of Economics has one of the only five National Research Libraries in England and is a major international library of social sciences, with more than four million print items and over 60,000 electronic books. International students who attend Loughborough are guaranteed accommodations at the university for the first year, although there are some limitations. Leeds is one of the more diverse universities with more than 7,000 international students.

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