Technical school is an option for those furthering their education or those following a specific career path. Unlike four-year colleges, technical schools are usually two years and focus on career preparation for a variety of skills. Welding, business, culinary arts, nursing and graphic design are a few of the occupations that training is offered for. Credits earned at many of these schools usually do not transfer to four-year colleges, but there are many benefits associated with obtaining a degree from a technical school.

Finding a Technical School

It is best before applying to have a clear idea of what you want to do for a career. Look online for schools in your area that have the classes and degrees you need. Some of the major technical schools include DeVry, Anthem Institute, Dover Business College, Kaplan College and TechSkills. Tour the school and do a thorough research of the program. There are some fly-by-night technical schools that could cost you a lot of money and time.

Accreditation and Licencing

Make sure the school you choose has been accredited or licensed by the state. An accreditation agency will award a school accreditation after the school has met the state's required standards. Some schools decide not to be accredited, but as a prospective student you should do your homework about the school before applying. The majority of the states in the United States require a school to be licensed to teach instructional classes. If your state is one of the few that does not require a school to be licensed, be sure to check out the school's reputation.


When visiting the school, speak to students about their program. Ask to sit in on a class or speak to a professor. Are the professors knowledgeable? What is the school's employment rate after graduation? Many schools will provide a list of employers who hire recent graduates. Make sure they use the latest in software and equipment. It will be no benefit to you to learn career skills on outdated computers, medical equipment or from old textbooks. Call employers in your field and get an idea of who they hire. The curriculum must match the skills employers are looking for in an employee.


Several factors will go into the decision of picking the right school. If a full-time job is keeping you from attending classes, you might need to look for a program that offers online classes. These classes give you the time to work through the material in the comfort of your home. Meet with the school's financial-aid department to make sure the program fits your budget. Keep in mind that going to school takes a lot of time away from work and home, but certain accelerated programs might be offered to get your course work completed in a few months.


For many technical schools, a high school diploma or GED is required for students. Fill out the application and financial forms in a timely manner. Different applications require you to submit an essay or test before completion. It is good idea to keep a check list of all the information. If you are furthering your education while working, let your employer know about your class schedule. This will ease any communication problems in regards to scheduling. Attending technical school is an exciting time for any student. It marks a significant point in your life where you pursue you dreams of having a career.

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