Nursing students must learn a high number of statistics and values in order to be effective nurses. Sometimes this information can seem overwhelming and discouraging to nursing students. They may feel that they will not be able to complete the program and become nurses. There are a high number of numerical lab values that must be memorized so nurses can determine whether a patient's values are within normal ranges. Nursing students can use various methods to help them learn these values.

Present the values to the class. Give handouts with all of the lab values printed out or go over the values in the text book. Some students are visual learners and can more easily learn by seeing the values in front of them.

Encourage your students to go over the values repeatedly. Repetition is an important learning tool. Some students may benefit more from writing the values down for themselves.

Create flash cards for the nursing students to use. List the name of the lab on one side and the range of normal values on the other side. The cards serve a dual purpose. When presented with the lab name side, students must name the proper value. When the values are presented, students must name the appropriate lab. Allow the students time in class to quiz each other. Students can also take the cards home to use with family, roommates, or by themselves.

Use internet tools to quiz your students. offers an Internet-based flash card style game that shows either a lab name or lab value and students must supply the answer. This can be done during class time or suggested for work outside of the classroom.

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