Health is mental and physical well-being, and congestive heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump blood to the other areas of the body. Not following practices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle can result in heart disease. Therefore, when teaching about congestive heart failure, relate the concept of a healthy lifestyle to disease prevention. In order to teach about health and congestive heart failure, explain what congestive heart failure is, list the disease's symptoms, explain the causes of congestive heart failure and then explain ways in which congestive heart failure can be prevented.

Provide an explanation of congestive heart failure. Give a definition of the disease, and tell students that congestive heart failure refers to the inability of the heart muscles to function properly in transporting blood to organs and tissues of the body. Explain that the "congestive" component of congestive heart failure refers to the way in which blood becomes trapped in the lungs, rather than being transported to other areas of the body.

List the symptoms of congestive heart failure. For students to understand more about the disease than just its definition, they should know its symptoms. The symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling of the abdomen and ankles, increased urination, nausea and stomach pain. Write these symptoms on a piece of poster paper.

Explain the causes of congestive heart failure. It is caused by high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, heart attack, coronary artery disease and thyroid disorders. Write these symptoms on the poster paper.

Explain how congestive heart failure can be prevented. Living a healthy lifestyle involves eating food that is low in sodium, exercising regularly and not consuming alcohol. These factors also prevent congestive heart failure. Explain how eating an excessive amount of sodium is not healthy and can lead to high blood pressure, which can then lead to congestive heart failure. Not exercising leads to clogged arteries, which can result in a heart attack. Heart attacks put people at risk for congestive heart failure. Make these connections while teaching. Alcohol abuse is also not healthy and contributes to congestive heart failure.

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