Make preschoolers feel like the star of the show with simple talent show ideas. Talent shows are often held for parent programs, open house night or even fundraisers. Work with preschoolers to get them ready to show off a talent they have or help them develop a talent to showcase for your program. Shy children will work better in a group, while more outgoing children will love being in the spotlight alone.

Group Song Skit

Turn a favorite song into a skit with props or easy costumes. Have the children sing a favorite song or adapt a familiar tune to words that match a recent preschool lesson theme. Make props or easy costumes for the children to use. "Five Little Monkeys" might have a tree in the background, five children with monkey ear headbands and one child wearing an alligator mask. "Old MacDonald" could include as many children as you wish, with one or more children wearing masks or animal headbands for each animal mentioned in the song. Younger children may prefer to hold up a picture rather than wear a mask or headband.

Group Acrobatics

Show off the preschoolers' motor skills by having them practice jumping over obstacles, walking on a board for a balance beam or throwing beanbags into a brightly painted target. Dance moves can also be worked into the acrobatics category. The children may perform alone, in pairs or small groups, or as a whole class. Costumes are optional, but the children may enjoy choosing from a variety of tutus, vests, tiaras or caps, ruffled arm bands and other costume items.

Preschool Band

Preschoolers will love playing an instrument along with some recorded music at their talent show. The children may make easy drums from round boxes and flutes or tapping sticks from cardboard tubes. They also can place bells inside plastic containers for a "jingle" sound. Instead of making crafted instruments, form a "toybox band." Have the kids choose some toys that make a sound or can be tapped together to make a sound.


No talent show is complete without a magician. Preschoolers can practice and perform very easy tricks to delight the audience. For example, have a child choose someone from the class or audience. The magician can show a quarter, put both hands behind her back, switch the quarter to the other hand, and show the empty hand. Have the child quickly use the other hand to reach out to the other person's ear, then show the quarter. Provide a two-sided coin with the same picture on both sides. Have someone come up and call out "heads" or "tails." The magician can say "right or wrong" every time, since he knows the coin will always land on "heads."


Have children use a shoebox for a camera. Before the show, the photographers should draw a picture of a family member. She may call that person up to the stage to get his picture taken. After "taking the picture," the child should reach into the camera box and take out the hand-drawn picture.

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