The cost of higher education has risen substantially over the past few decades, and the cost of law school is no exception. Along with tuition, a law school student must pay for room and board, laptops and casebooks. If you are a law student who has been keeping up with your reading in law school and cannot grasp the material from studying your casebooks, you have probably been browsing supplements in the bookstore. If you cannot afford to purchase supplements at fifty dollars each, you can search for law outlines and law summaries on the Internet.

Understand that the foundation of your legal education consists of the following courses: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Property and Trusts and Estates.

Supplement the courses you are taking at the moment by studying outlines that can be found online. You should be familiar with representatives of LexisNexis on your campus, and you have probably used LexisNexis to conduct legal research by now. LexisNexis offers law outlines that you can download for free.

Go to the LexisNexis website and find the outlines for the courses you are taking. Download those outlines in either the html, Word or PDF format.

Read through the outline for a particular subject once, then go through the outline section by section and try to memorize the contents of each section of the outline. Try to study only one subject per day so that you do not mix up the laws. Go over the outline as many times as needed for you to fully grasp the material. By the time you have memorized all the laws contained in each of the outlines, you should be prepared to ace the final exam.

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