Accredited law schools in the United States are reviewed and certified by the American Bar Association. Even though most law schools in the country are accredited by the ABA, there are some law schools that are unaccredited. Unaccredited law school students still receive an J.D degree upon graduation; Depending on the state, these graduates may sit for the bar exam, but most states do not accept degrees from unaccredited law schools so research must be done in advance before attending such an institution.

American College of Law

American College of Law is an unaccredited law school founded in 1971. The college prides itself on small classes and individual attention of professors to students. The program is specially geared to part time students, making it easier to attend law school while working.

California Southern Law School

California Southern Law School is located in Riverside, California. The school caters to part time students with a four-year Juris Doctor program. Summer sessions also help student complete the required coursework in a shorter period of time. The program is ideal for students working while paying for law school.

Pacific West College of Law

Pacific West College of Law is located outside Los Angeles in Orange County. The institution was founded in 1992. Originally the college granted a Bachelor's of Law with continuation possible to the Juris Doctor degree; now the program offers other master's programs including environmental law, taxation law and a Masters of Art in Law.

People's College of Law

The People's College of Law has a four-year evening law school that allows students to work and study at the same time while pursuing a Juris Doctor degree. The school does not have financial aid for students, so the tuition is low compared to most law schools, which allows students to fund their education.

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