The mathematics section of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) exam evaluates whether or not students have achieved the relevant math skill required by Texas education standards. Without passing the relevant exit-level TAKS exams, students cannot graduate high school. Plenty of online resources can help motivated students refine and practice the many math skills associated with the exit-level mathematics TAKS test.

Online Study Guides

A great way to study for the exit-level mathematics TAKS test is to use one of the free study guides available online. You would be hard-pressed to find a more thorough study guide than that offered through Pearson Education’s website. This particular guide is divided into the 10 objectives tested on the TAKS test. Each section includes an introduction defining the specific skills you must develop to succeed on that section of the test. This study guide supplies practice questions and in-depth explanations of the answers.

Online Quizzes

If you're looking for quick practice with specific skills, you can take advantage of some of the TAKS-based math quizzes available for free online. These quizzes do not require the time commitment of a full online study guide, and they can be effective in helping you get extra practice with particular trouble areas. You can take online practice quizzes as a quick refresher or as a complement to an online study guide. These multiple-choice quizzes often give you an automatic grade upon completion of the last test question, which is effective in gauging your strengths and weaknesses.

Printable Practice Worksheets

Printable practice worksheets help you practice some of the particular math skills tested on TAKS. Such worksheets are available for free on various TAKS-centric websites, and you can print them out as needed. Worksheets usually come in the form of small quizzes but offer something that online tests and quizzes do not: By practicing TAKS math questions with pencil and paper, you get a more realistic testing experience.

Practice TAKS Test

A logical last step in TAKS mathematics preparation is to take a full, official practice test. The Texas Education Agency offers interactive versions of past TAKS tests through its website. These tests, based on real TAKS test questions, help you get used to the timed nature of the real test. In addition, taking a complete TAKS mathematics practice test provides an easy mental transition from study guides and online quizzes to the actual test.

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