Getting A's in political science can open lots of doors for you, especially if you're planning on pursuing a career involving supporting politicians. Study smarter not harder, and build a good foundation to build your political science-related career.

Join a political party non-profit organization before your political science course starts. Get involved with as many of their activities as possible, from door-to-door campaigning to being support during political campaigns. Follow their activities as well as opposing party activities on the news. It doesn't matter which non-profit organization you support, the concepts are the same.

Read your political science text books thoroughly before your course begins. Take notes as soon as your teacher starts covering the first chapter. Take notes in every class and study these notes daily. All you have to do is read the notes if you do this everyday. Go back and read the chapters for the upcoming political science class.

Do your political science research paper as soon as you can. Find out what you're supposed to write about. Choose a topic related to what you're doing or to what you're familiar with. This makes for quickly getting the paper written without sacrificing quality. Complete the research paper at the beginning of the course, and spend the rest of the course studying for the midterm and the final.

Ask questions during class. Your professor can't read your mind. Understand that you only have yourself to blame if you fail to ask a question in class and that very question ends up on the exam.

Gather a political science study group together to study for the exam. Go to a fun to hang out place and grill each other on everything you've learned since day one. Don't drift into political discussions that don't have anything to do with your political science class.

Get plenty of rest the night before the exam, and eat lightly during the meal before the exam. Refrain from going to buffets before the exam, as food digestion will make you drowsy during the exam.


Take your political science course during a campaign year to give yourself the opportunity to get hands on experience in political science. Practical experience speeds and maximizes your learning.


Form a study group consisting of politically like minded students. Remove the risk that your study group deteriorates into an argument not related to class discussion.

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