Labour law is a career degree course that many universities offer. The pursuit of this coursework may extend in some cases from the bachelor's up to the doctoral programs. There are even opportunities to study and earn a degree in labour law online.

In Britain

There are many universities and educational institutions that offer degrees in labour law. The most popular degree awarded is the Lin Lunin Maldacena (LLM). Some notable institutions are the University of Leicester and the University of the West of England-Bristol.


Australian universities offer a variety of degrees in labour law extending from the bachelor's and master's to the doctoral level. The University of Melbourne openly welcomes international students into the program. Other Australian institutions providing labour law degrees include the University of Sydney, the University of Newcastle and Monash University.

Study On-Line

It is also possible to take Labour Law courses via the Internet. Unisa Centre for Business Law offers diplomas and an array of workshops to further your professional goals. The workshops include cross-examination and labour arbitration. Unisa also offers an expansive program in advanced labour law. Unisa is affiliated with the University of South Africa.

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