The TEAS test is the Test of Essential Academic Skills administered by the ATI company. This assessment-based testing tool is used to distinguish which students have the academic ability to adequately understand concepts that will be learned throughout nursing school, and later on as a nurse professional. It is advised that prospective nursing students spend time studying for the TEAS test.

Study Guides from ATI

ATI, the company that creates and administers the TEAS test, offers comprehensive study guides for different versions of the test. It is recommended by ATI that test takers check with the specific nursing school to find out which version of the TEAS test will be taken prior to purchasing study materials. The two study guides available from ATI are ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills 3.0/4.0 (TEAS) Study Manual, and ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills Version V (TEAS V) Study Manual. Both books contain information on the individual assessment objective sections of reading, math, science and the English language. Additionally, the study guides contain sample questions and test taking strategies. The books are available only from ATI (see Resources).

TEAS Online Practice Assessment

ATI also offers students an online practice test option. The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills On-line Practice Exam is available in both the 3.0/4.0 (TEAS) and Version V (TEAS V) options. The Version V options are further divided into Form A and Form B. Each version offers specific sample questions that help to familiarize the test taker with the assessment format and question types. The 3.0/4.0 version contains 100 questions plus answer rationales; the Version V practice assessment contains 150 questions and answer rationales.

Making the Most of Study Aids

To get the full benefit from ATI study aids, students may want to combine the study manual guide and online practice assessment. ATI offers packages that include both. This will help the student better understand the type of question being asked, gain test taking skills and practice in a realistic manner.

Free Online Practice

Many websites that are not affiliated with ATI offer TEAS prepartion and practice assessments online. These may be paid services or free practice tests. Examples include, which offers free online modules on specific content areas, such as algebra and basic grammar, and The Complete Test Preparation website. Although these are not official ATI testing sites, they do offer a budget-friendly study option for those wishing to take a practice assessment prior to the exam.


Students may want to prepare for the TEAS test by using flashcards as a study tool. Flashcards can help the user quickly memorize important facts and information that may be on the test. If the student has already purchased a study guide, he may want to write specific pieces of information onto note or index cards as a self-created (and low-cost) method of making flashcards. For a more comprehensive pre-made study aid, students can purchase TEAS test flashcards from an independent manufacturer or download free printable cards from a website such as the Flashcard Exchange.

Content Areas to Study

When using any type of study guide, whether it is an online practice test or guide manual, students should familiarize themselves with the specific content areas for the TEAS test. These are reading, math, science and English language use. Within each of these areas students may be tested on facts such as algebra, measurement, decimal functions, basic math skills, proper grammar or reading comprehension. Each content area should be understood and reviewed before beginning the official assessment.

Amount of Study Time

The total amount of time that each student should spend studying for the TEAS test varies greatly. Some students who have mastered the test content through previous high school or college courses may need very little time, while students without a recent academic background may need to spend more time refreshing their basic skills. Many schools offer specific study guides or workshops to help students prepare for this exam. Students who feel unsure of their ability to pass the TEAS test may want to spend extra time learning or relearning basic content before moving on to more difficult material.

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