There are dozens of study guide for the GRE. Finding the best one depends on several factors: how you like to study, when you will be taking the test and your learning style. The quality and reputation of the company that produces your guide should also be taken into account. There are four guides that keep up-to-date with the ever-changing test, offer online or DVD study components and have been writing trusted guides for many years. The Education Testing Service produces “Practicing to Take the GRE General Test”, Kaplan offers the “GRE Premier Program” and The Princeton Review offers “Cracking the GRE”. “Barron’s GRE” is also a practical and consistently updated study guide.

Practicing to Take the GRE General Test

The Educational Testing Service is the organization that prepares and administers the GRE. “Practicing to Take the GRE General Test” is authored by the ETS, and is one of the top study guides. Since the ETS controls the format, topics, length and time-limits for the test, you’re assured that its recent study guides are revised each year to remain current with any changes in the test. It includes seven verbal and quantitative sections from previous tests, completed essays with editor comments and scoring remarks and information on math topics.

GRE Premier Program

Kaplan is a leader in the test-prep and admissions guidance industry. It offers a money-back guarantee, and boasts that more people gain acceptance to graduate school using their test-prep study guides than any other company or organization. The “GRE Premier Program” offers students a combination of paper, online and DVD study components. Updated tests are offered online each month, and students can set up a comprehensive study plan that customizes their targets and tracks studying progress. The book has five full-length practice tests and hundreds of additional questions that cover all topics on the general GRE test.

Cracking the GRE

Test-prep company Princeton Review compiles “Cracking the GRE” each year, offering revised and updated test sections and guidance. Students using this study guide appreciate the online component, which includes an online Computer Adaptive Testing Engine that mimics actual GRE testing conditions. This guide has two full-length practices tests and 300 additional practice questions. Each copy of the book includes a code to register online, which provides additional strategy and test-prep practice.

Barron’s GRE

This study guide is created by Barron’s, an international test-prep company. “Barron’s GRE” includes a comprehensive diagnostic test to help narrow down students’ areas of strengths and weakness. Barron’s also focuses on different test-taking strategies, and guides students through helpful exercises to narrow down possible answers. This book offers two full-length exams covering all areas of the GRE general exam, along with a CD that presents test-takers with a model CATE exam.

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