Most business majors need to take a business finance exam at some point during college. To pass your exam, you'll need to work on learning some key topics, as well as practicing the types of questions you might find on your exam. Here are some ways to help you study.

Get a list of topics to study from your professor. This list can usually be found in your course's syllabus. However, your Business Finance professor might have a specific list that also tells you what percentages of which topics will be covered on the exam.

Put together a study group of people that will help each other learn the different topics that will appear on your exam. Each person could focus on one topic in finance and work to teach it to the others. One person could focus on Capitol Budgeting, and another can focus on Financial Goals. Divide the topics evenly.

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Practice the kinds of questions you expect to find on your business finance exam. Have people in your study group write different questions and hand them out. Get practice questions from your professor. Or, you can find some practice questions Online. The BBC website has some short-answer study questions about business finance. These might help get your thoughts flowing for your exam.

Go to another textbook if you need more explanation on a topic. Many Business Finance courses recommend textbooks for the class. But, if your textbook does not explain some topics well enough, go to your library to find another explanation. Try the Entrepreneur's Guide to Business and Finance by Steven Rogers or something similar.

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